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How do I not confess the melody that my heart sings since you were born on that cold January 3, 2003?

You came into my life when I least expected to be blessed with an extension of my soul and the moment I held you all was perfect in my world. My life began to change as your body molded into mine and your every breath gave life to my heart. A tiny body with an incredible soul given to me as a gift from above. It was clear from that first day I looked into your eyes that you were destined to be mine. My heart overflowed with joy imaging my mami smiling down proud of the happiness she had blessed me with.

My son, every day spent with you made my love stronger and our bond indestructible. Your first smile looking into my eyes, your source of comfort laid in my arms. Your home was the curvature of my body as if you searched for a way inside of me. We were one and I was proud to have found the extension of my soul. To have had the honor of your kisses, your tears and your incredible laugh has been the highlight of my life. When you look at me with those eyes that tell me we belong to each other, I hear the Angels sing in joy. You are God’s greatest perfection and he decided that it was I that was to be blessed with enjoying every minute of you in your earlier years.

The cheeks of an angel, the most beautiful feet and the most tender hands. I recall the time my heart failed me when you had to have surgery and were less than 3 months old. I felt that a part of me was in agony and at that moment I realized that I belong to you for eternity. I don’t know what God Plans for us but I know God is always good and full of love. I have faith that I will feel your warmth next to me every night as we share our dreams. I believe that the heavens know that the thought of losing you is my certain death. When you grow you will understand so much and most of all you will remember that my love for you is above any love I have ever felt.

My chocolate Baby with the most beautiful feet, my adoration, you who brought to me every fear a mommy brings forth. I was terrified of any harm coming to you, like a vigilante I watched your every move and cried your tears when you were hurt. I rocked you for hours at night when you couldn’t find your sleep and we both drifted off into space running through flower fields in our dreams. As you grew you never let me forget that you are my baby and will always be. Events and circumstances may threaten to separate us but I have faith My Son that in the end we will be reunited again.

The sparkle in your eye are the stars in my sky. Your voice sings melodies that make my heart dance in joy. The little things you do to show me your love are forever engraved in my heart. I love that you like to sleep so close to me so that our bodies share the same breath and our skin shares our warmth. The beating of your heart when I wrap my arms around you is the perfect accompanying melody to our song.

There was not a place I went without you because you are an extension of me. It was agonizing to be away from you at any point and I rushed to get back home to feel complete.

My Baby, things look as if they will change but I will believe for the both of us. God is watching and knows that we all need you and that love has no walls. I will be forever your mami and you will be forever my son.

Be strong my boy and know that no matter what we cannot be separated because you and me were destined by the Universe to live the most beautiful pure love story of a Mami and her son.

I love You Armani.