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Archivo para noviembre, 2011

ADRIANA CORDER0 What is a Reserve Study?

ADRIANA CORDER0 What is a Reserve Study? – A reserve study analyzes major repair and replacement needs like roofing … http://ow.ly/1fUE5g


ADRIANA CORDER0 Buyers: Making the Right

ADRIANA CORDER0 Buyers: Making the Right Choice – There are so many different homes to choose from during the buying… http://ow.ly/1fUE5o

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Fore

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Foreclosed Home – Secure your home by avoiding the beginner mistakes many first … http://ow.ly/1fUkh0

The Short Sale Process – Understanding H

The Short Sale Process – Understanding How It Works – So you think you found a great deal because the price tag is m… http://ow.ly/1fU4Mv

After Foreclosure Your Lender May Pursue

After Foreclosure Your Lender May Pursue You For Deficiency – Foreclosure may not be the last time you hear from you… http://ow.ly/1fTJYv

ADRIANA CORDER0 Mortgage Views: Retiring

ADRIANA CORDER0 Mortgage Views: Retiring Debt & CAAMP Conference http://ow.ly/1fTqKz

ADRIANA CORDER0 Keep Your Home Warm – He

ADRIANA CORDER0 Keep Your Home Warm – Heating expenses have skyrocketed in the past few years and many homeowners ar… http://ow.ly/1fTqKH