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Archivo para octubre, 2011

Owe More Than Your House Is Worth? There

Owe More Than Your House Is Worth? There Are Options Available To You http://ow.ly/1fpu48


Arlington, MA!!! http://www.bankrate.com

Arlington, MA!!! http://www.bankrate.com/financing/mortgages/which-housing-markets-gained/?ec_id=cmctre_01_comm_RE_sidelink

A short what? http://adrianacorderoreale

A short what? http://adrianacorderorealestate.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/what-is-a-short-sale/

Monday: Remember that not everyone is re

Monday: Remember that not everyone is ready to be an open book. It takes courage to allow the world to see the real you and even more to face self. Allow others to travel at their own pace, however, you are responsible for your path. It is perfectly fine to walk away and stay connected to Source. It is human to feel negative emotions. The key is to feel them, remind self that you are not your emotions and focus. It is also ok to desire those around you to bring about the energy which makes you feel at peace, excited, exhilirated, motivated and centered. Have the courage to walk away and surround yourself with those who are on your path. Lesson Learned

ADRIANA CORDER0 Real Estate Outlook: Cha

ADRIANA CORDER0 Real Estate Outlook: Changes to HARP – RealtyTrac reports that while the current delinquency rate is… http://ow.ly/1fp9L6

Foreclosure Rates As of 2010 – Foreclosu

Foreclosure Rates As of 2010 – Foreclosure is a term that many people are familiar with, but most don’t know anythin… http://ow.ly/1fn2FG

Investing in Contra Costa Foreclosures –

Investing in Contra Costa Foreclosures – Bidding on foreclosed properties at a trustee auction takes smarts, cash an… http://ow.ly/1fmKNh